We pledge to obtain for you, our customer, the best rates and terms available in the market place based on your financial goals for Home Equity Loans, Credit Lines, Home and/or Commercial Mortgages.

Dana Barnett , the President and Chief Executive of the firm, is a graduate of Boston University School of Management (Class of '79), and a member of many professional organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, Florida and National Association of Mortgage Brokers, etc.

Dana Barnett Financial Services was incorporated in the State of Florida, May 7, 1982, and is licensed as a Mortgage Lender under the laws of the State of Florida.

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National Headquaters:
2829 Exchange Court
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Phone: (561) 686-3333
Frequently Asked Questions
How much home can I afford to purchase?
As a rule of thumb, you can qualify for a payment equal to 30% of your gross monthly income. [continue]
What can home equity proceeds be used for?
Most borrowers use the cash they receive to payoff and consolidate high rate credit cards; make needed home repairs or improvements; for business capital or to invest; for education. [continue]
What does it mean to lock in a loan?
Loans are priced based on delivery. A loan that will close in 10 days will be better priced than a loan that would close in 60 or 90 days, due to the uncertainty of interest rates. We can lock in your loan and guarantee it until closing. [continue]
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